Office Hours Report: 5/28

Office Hours Report #4


This is the Office Hours Report, your Friday recap of all the NBA Top Shot Office Hours in the week.

For the foreseeable future, there will only be one Office Hours per week.

Office Hours - May 28

Collector Score

  • Holo Icon will have a collector score requirement, and possibly a market spend requirement on top of it.

  • The score necessary for the drop will be announced a few days before, giving you time to meet the requirements.

  • The collector score required for the next Holo Icon will be “very high”. We’re speculating somewhere in the range of 750-1,000.

  • Collector score will eventually be displayed on the site at all times, updating whenever you buy/earn/sell a Moment. The team is hoping to implement this before the Holo Icon drop.

Series 2

  • Series 2 will end after the Finals drop.

  • Playoff packs will include two base Moments and one playoff Moment.

State of the Market

  • The team never intended Top Shot to be a “get rich quick” platform.

  • Top Shot is intended to be a multi-generational product with a collection that you build for years and years, eventually passing your account and Moments down to your children.

  • Top Shot grew faster than expected, just recently the platform celebrated one million users.

  • The team recognizes that there were things that happened between January and now that could have been handled differently.

  • The team has been focusing on the biggest issues, trying to improve the user experiences. The two biggest issues being pack drops and withdrawals.

  • Getting the two aforementioned issues under control and to a point the team is happy with will lead to long-term growth and better user retention.


  • The team is creating baselines of data.

  • This past weekend was a test to gather said data.

  • Influencer marketing will be more targeted with the right influencers.

  • Top Shot wants to be the currency of NBA fandom.

  • Teams should be able to identify their super fans through Top Shot. This opens the door for so many unique fan experiences and opportunities.

  • To eventually reach this point, the team will be releasing a roadmap moving forward. Keep stacking those Moments folks, show your team pride. You might just be rewarded for it in the future.


  • The team is more open to staking/locking Moments instead of burning. Burning deletes the Moment, and then it’s gone forever whereas staking or locking Moments could remove utility from them but you still own the Moment and they still exist.

  • This excludes ECF/WCF Moments they have already committed to burning.

  • There will be a minting stream for the Holo Icon drop. It could possibly include players who are having their Moments minted live.

  • Moments are chosen in different ways, there is no singular process for which plays are turned into Moments.

Dapper Team

  • The team is looking into other innovative ways to reward their current collectors that are extremely important. It’s a difficult position but “exciting progress” will be made soon.

  • There were 20-25 new employees hired in the last 4-6 weeks.

  • Getting these new employees up to speed does take time, 4-6 weeks is not a lot of time to be in a new position.

  • The goal is to bridge the gap between community sentiment and the decisions being made.


  • The team is partnering with CollabLand to be able to token-gate channels based on what moments you own.

  • The Office Hours ended with a Conference Finals pack tease “And Then There Were Four”.

This concludes the fourth “Office Hours Report”. The Playoffs are underway, this is the most exciting time of the year for basketball. Packs are coming, new Moments are coming, let’s stay patient and enjoy the ride.

The next edition of the “Here For The Moments Report” will be coming right on schedule, Wednesday, June 2nd. The next “Office Hours Report” will be right behind it on Friday, June 4th.

Stay tuned and thanks for reading, appreciate ya!

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