Office Hours Report: 5/14

Office Hours Report #2


This is the Office Hours Report, your Friday recap of all the NBA Top Shot Office Hours in the week.

Only one Office Hours this week, let’s jump right into this thing.

Office Hours - May 14

“Throwdowns” Drop

  • Queue performed well, this is a good sign. The queue has been running nicely these past few drops.

  • Constantly evaluating edition size, pricing, and # of moments in packs. I think 1,800 of each “Throwdowns” is a good number, that seems rare to me. Rare enough that in a couple months their values should rise, especially after Series 2 is retired and we move onto Series 3.

  • Team is becoming increasingly aware that collectors often value player over moment. If I’m collecting Joel Embiid, I’m collecting him at any and every price point. While it would be nice to have a Rare or Legendary Embiid, if I can collect Commons all day long and for a good price I will continue to do so.

  • Before each reservation pack, a list of moments in the packs will be released. I always feel more comfortable opening a pack after I know what’s inside.

  • Not likely there will be a Master challenge for “Throwdowns”. Team will figure out a way to distribute 51st moment. Possibly another Showcase Quest?

Packs & Future Drops

  • Top priority is new collectors getting packs early in journey. The reservation packs fulfill this priority nicely. If I’m a new user and can get into the ecosystem for only $9, that’s fantastic. I don’t know many other NFT projects that I can buy into for such a low upfront cost.

  • The team is looking into community sentiment that too many packs are available. Ironic considering that same community for the longest time was complaining that they couldn’t get packs. Can’t win here.

  • Next Holo Icon being pushed back at least a week.

  • Hustle & Show 2 will likely be next week.


  • The team understands disappointment on account values dropping. Yes, it’s disappointing to see your account value drop. I’m in this thing for the long term, I’m holding my Moments for months if not years and hopefully they appreciate with time. Fingers crossed that all of our Series 2 Moments will appreciate when Series 3 is released.

  • Data shows some sets are more risky & some are more safe for collecting. I think it’s safe to say that superstars of any rarity are safer for collecting and their values should not fluctuate too much. Collect who you want, what you want, there’s no right or wrong Moments to collect.

Know Your Customer

  • Within next 2 weeks, collectors who haven't already completed KYC will be able to. More people with the ability to withdrawal is always a good thing. The more money that’s able to come out means the more money that’s able to go in. Big players don’t want to put their money into Top Shot if they can’t immediately take it right back out.

  • Marketplace cooldowns removed for users who went through identity check. This is exciting, I know a big complaint in the community is the marketplace cooldown system.

  • There could be Easter eggs or mystery challenges for hidden rewards in the future. We have no idea what these could look like but it’s definitely interesting.

  • All collectors can go through identity check, starting today. Every collector who already hasn’t should absolutely do so, the more collectors with the capability to withdrawal, the better.


  • You can use Marketplace filters to sort by player position. You don’t want to buy Moments you think you need and then realize you purchased the wrong position.


  • Canada/UK can now withdraw to banks, effective today. This was something that the team has been working on, happy to see it implemented.

  • Can export transaction history as .csv, coming soon. This is good for power users, people who want to track their purchases and sales over periods of time. Might also be useful for tax purposes come that time of year.

And that is your second ever “Office Hours Report”. 

Expect the next edition of the “Here For The Moments Report” on Wednesday, May 19th. The “Office Hours Report” will be posted every Friday at 3:30 PM EST. Stay tuned and thanks for reading, appreciate ya!

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